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Wilmore Shines as 'Senior Black Correspondent'

Larry Wilmore, jokingly billed as "Senior Black Correspondent" on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, worked as a writer on In Living Color and The PJ's before getting his fake-news-show gig.

Wilmore also created The Bernie Mac Show.

Comedian Larry Wilmore speaks into a mic

Novelist Richard Price Discusses "Freedomland."

Novelist Richard Price talks about his latest book "Freedomland". (Broadway Books) It's a story that examines race relations in a fictional urban New Jersey town. Inspired by the real life Susan Smith incident in which she alleged a black man carjacked her and took her two children. Price's story follows a similar theme and how the events affect the community. Price's earlier novel "Clockers" about life in the inner city world of drug dealing was nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award.


Start Watching "I'll Fly Away" Tonight.

TV critic David Bianculli previews the premiere of "I'll Fly Away," the drama series set in the south at the time of the civil rights movement. It used to air on NBC; PBS has just picked it up and added tonights episode to it.


Writer Thulani Davis.

Writer ThulaniI (pronounced "tah-lawn-nee") Davis. Her new novel, "1959," is the story of a young black girl coming of age at the dawn of the civil rights movement. Davis' earlier works include reporting for The New York Times and The Washington Post, and writing the libretto for the opera "X: The Life and Times of Malcom X." ("1959" is published by Grove Weidenfeld.)


Athol Fugard Shines a Light on the Effects of South African Apartheid.

Athol Fugard is a white South African playwright, director, and actor. His work as a playwright is acclaimed for exploring the social and psychological consequences of apartheid. Fugard formed an integrated theater company in the 1960s in defiance of South African norms. Many of his plays have been produced in the United States.


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